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Complete Control

An upgrade to SmartiCo Homes smart switches, lets you control your home with voice or from smartphone. Unlike other solutions, with SmartiCo Homes smart switches you can still use existing switches as usual.

Access from Anywhere

Now control electrical devices at your home literally from anywhere as long you have access to internet and your smartphone. Experience a smart life by controlling devices from comfort of couch, driving back home or from beach vacation.

Safe Switches

With an upgrade to SmartiCo Homes smart switches, your existing switches run-on very low harmless voltage levels, making them safer than ever. You can also disable physical interaction with switch so that kids can play with switches without getting harmed.

Secure, Reliable and Fast

Our smart switches are built with high quality components and connect to SmartiCo Homes Device Cloud providing you a secure, reliable and fast experience. Our intelligent cloud software alerts you in case smart switches get disconnected due to power or internet outage.

Works with Alexa and Google

Save yourself from hassel of finding a physical switch, instead control your devices with your voice. Our smart switches are certified to work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can even control multiple devices with single command by creating custom scenes.

Wireless and Non Intrusive

Our smart switches work with wireless network and sit behind existing wall sockets. No need for any additional wiring and changes to wall sockets. The smart switches connect to SmartiCo Homes Device Cloud using wireless internet at your home.

How can I make my home smart?

We are here to assist you

1. Schedule a Demo

Experience our smart home offerings at comfort of your home. SmartiCo expert will visit and demonstrate the features. Book demo slot

2. Explain and Evaluate

Discuss your smart home requirements. SmartiCo expert will check the WiFi coverage and prepare feasibility report for your home.

3. Get a quote

Based on your needs and feasibility report, select the SmartiCo Homes devices for your home. Our expert will provide you a quote.

4. Book Your Order

Make secure online payment for your quote and confirm the order. We usually fulfill the order with-in 5 working days after payment is received.

5. Installation and Setup

Our team will contact you for installation. Book a installation slot per your convenience. Sit back and relax while our team is making your home smart.

6. Enjoy your Smart home

Experience the power of technology, comfort and safety of smart home. For any troubleshooting we are always here to help.

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You just need a Wi-Fi router with a working internet connection. Our team will take care of installation and setup.

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